Diablo 4 Interactive Map

This vast land of Diablo 4's Sanctuary is teeming with enemies and secret places to explore. Whether you are just focusing on the Main Quest, or are delving into the Side Quests, Cellars, Dungeons, and Strongholds, our Diablo 4 Interactive Map is the perfect tool to help you keep track of where you’re going and remind you of where you’ve been.

As we progress further into the game, we will continue to update the Interactive Map with new information and points of interest.

Latest Updates to the Diablo IV Map

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Map

On the Diablo 4 Interactive Map Page, you can:

  • Filter by map marker
    • Locations
    • Services
    • Collectibles
    • Enemies
    • Items
    • Quests
    • Other
  • Check off progress as you go
  • Store your checklist data online

The Diablo 4 Interactive Map makes it easy to isolate a specific item you want to find. Need to know where all the Waypoints are? No problem! You deselect all items on the map and then just choose the Waypoints. Want the location of the nearest World Boss? You can look for that as well. And as you complete each objective, you can check them off on the map, and it will remember them for you. All you have to do is click on the icon and check “Check when completed.” The information will be stored.

<section data-transform="image-with-caption" data-image-url="https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2023/06/04/altars-of-lilith-1685916607572.png" data-image-title="Altar of Lilth Locations” data-image-class=”article-image-full-size” data-image-link=”https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2023/06/04/altars-of-lilith-1685916607572.png” data-caption=”%3Cstrong%3EAltar%20of%20Lilth%20Locations%3C%2Fstrong%3E” />

Altars of Lilith

There are 160 Altars of Lilith scattered across Sanctuary. These Altars award a small stat bonus to all of your characters in the Realm; therefore, it is beneficial to find as many as you can. Keep track of them on the interactive map or you can read more about each location in our Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith Locations guide. While you will find some off a path or nestled between trees, some altars are hidden behind cleverly hidden paths leading behind buildings and other crafty locations.


There are over a hundred Dungeons to fight your way through in Diablo 4. After going through the dungeon, you will be rewarded with Renown and a Legendary Aspect. These Aspects are class-based, so there will be times when an aspect will not be useable by your current character class. At the end of each dungeon, there will be a mini-boss, and sometimes you might even run into an Event.


Diablo 4 has 15 Strongholds across Sanctuary. Strongholds are large areas of land, typically a ruined town, a temple, or other building that has been overrun by enemies. You will need to cleanse these Strongholds by defeating all the enemies and mini-bosses to reap its rewards. Oftentimes these Strongholds will become regular towns complete with a waypoint or they will have shops that you can visit, making them even more important to clear when you can.

Diablo 4 Map-based Spoilers

The Diablo 4 Interactive Map shows the entirety of Sanctuary, including the main regions:

  • Fractured Peaks
  • Dry Steppes
  • Scosglen
  • Khejistan
  • Hawezar

Some of these areas might show you a spoiler or two based on their title alone. This includes Bosses and World Bosses, but you can deselect items that you feel might reveal too much of the story to you.

Diablo 4 Walkthrough

For help with the Diablo 4 main story, check out our detailed Diablo 4 Walkthrough to get started.

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