Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete ‘A Demanding Delivery’ quest

‘A Demanding Delivery’ is a fairly simple side quest that’s easy to miss in the grander scheme of running around discovering secrets and fighting Ashwinders in Hogwarts Legacy. It does, however, gives you the opportunity to learn more about an NPC, grant a gear appearance, and is likely your first excuse to travel deeper south in the map past several Marks of Merlin. Here’s how to complete the ‘A Demanding Delivery’ quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete ‘A Demanding Delivery’ quest

Starting location

This side quest is available from Parry Pippin at his potion shop in Hogsmeade (specifically right by the West Hogsmeade Floo Station). Head in and speak to him and pick the option to ask if he needs help with a delivery to start the quest. He’ll ask you to deliver invisibility potions to a difficult client in Keenbridge on his behalf.

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Screenshot by PC Invasion

Most likely, your closest Floo Station to Keenbridge is Lower Hogsfield. Fast travel there. You have two options of how to complete the quest:

By flying

If you’ve unlocked flying, it’s the much easier and faster way to reach Keenbridge. Take out your broom, and then follow the quest marker from the skies until you approach Keenbridge and dismount.


Screenshot by PC Invasion

By foot

The long and scenic route has you encounter many forks in the path past Lower Hogsfield. Here’s the walking route broken down fork by fork:

  • First fork
  • Second fork
  • Third fork
  • Fourth fork
  • Fifth fork
  • Sixth fork
  • Seventh fork
  • Eighth fork
  • Ninth fork, by the house
  • Tenth fork
House Fork

Screenshot by PC Invasion

This will bring you to Keenbridge regardless of which route you took. Make sure to activate its Floo Powder Station and then go talk to Fatimah Lawang.

Fatimah Icon Shot

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete ‘A Demanding Delivery’ quest – Finale and reward

She will make you drink one of the invisibility potions. They’re in your inventory, so open your inventory, select them, then leave your inventory and give one a swig. Now, Floo back to West Hogsmeade and talk to Parry again to complete the quest. You get a Potioneer’s Cap for making the long trek.

How To Complete A Demanding Delivery Quest Reward

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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