San Diego Comic-Con 2023: Everything Announced

San Diego Comic-Con 2023 is back, and with it came a ton of news from the world of entertainment.

If you were unable to attend SDCC this year, no worries. IGN covered SDCC 2023 live and in-person, bringing you all the biggest news coming out of the convention. If you want to learn more about the collectibles and figurines announced at SDCC, check out our separate roundup on the topic.

Here's a quick recap of everything announced during San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

Invincible: Season 2 Exclusive Poster Revealed

A day prior to SDCC starting, IGN exclusively revealed a poster for the highly anticipated second season of Prime Video's adult animated series Invincible. We still do not have a premiere date other than "coming soon," but series creator Robert Kirman will be at SDCC to promote the second season, with a panel scheduled for July 21 starting at 5:45pm PT.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal is a New Survival and Social Deception Game from Skybound

Another piece of news coming a day before SDCC was from Skybound Games, where the developer unveiled that it is working on a new multiplayer social deception survival game set in The Walking Dead universe. The Walking Dead: Betrayl will have players trying to survive the undead outbreak, where you will craft, cook, survive and communicate with party memebers, and maybe do a little bit of decieving along the way.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal is out later this year and wil release exlcusively on PC via Steam. A closed beta test is set for August 10.

The Boys Spinoff Gen V Premieres September 29

Leading up to San Diego Comic-Con 2023, Amazon Studios teased a September release window for its college-themed TV series. But on the first day of the convention, the studio revealed that Gen V will premiere on September 29 with three episodes with the first season finale scheduled for November 3.

Blizzard Unveils Some New Changes and Plans Coming to Diablo IV

During an interview with us, Diablo IV associate game director Joe Piepiora addressed the disconnect deaths that hardcore players have been experiencing while playing the game. Piepiora suggested that the Scroll of Escape could circumvent the issue. But Piepiora also explained that Blizzard is making a number of performance adjustments in Diablo IV's first season that will help improve the connectivity.

Piepiora also elaborated more on Blizzard's thought process around the controversial drop rate for Diablo 4's coveted Uber Unique items.

The Borderlands Movie Hits Theatres Next Year

Lionsgate Films announced that its upcoming live-action adaptation of Borderlands will arrive on August 9, 2024. The film was announced back in 2015 and is being directed and written by Eli Roth.

Taylor is a Reporter at IGN. You can follow her on Twitter @TayNixster.

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