Xbox Extended Showcase 2023 Start Time and How to Watch

There's no E3 this summer, but that didn't stop devs from creating some spectacular gaming showcases in June 2023. Some of the bigger game streams from PlayStation, Summer Game Fest, Ubisoft and Xbox showcases have now wrapped up, but the Xbox Extended Showcase is still yet to come on Tuesday, June 13th. All the details are below so you can tune into the Xbox livestream with us.

In case you missed it, it's not too late to catch up on everything announced at the Xbox 2023 Showcase, including the news that Fable is finally back, (we couldn't be happier about that); and after several difficult years, Xbox pulled off a successful show. For everything else and a recap in one place, see our Summer of Gaming Schedule with highlights and streams to re-watch from each summer gaming showcase.

Xbox Extended Showcase 2023 Start Time

The Xbox Showcase Extended starts at 10am PT / 1pm ET with both pre and post shows from IGN. Tune into the IGN Pre-Show at 8:30am PT as we anticipate even more reveals and deep dives.

How long is the Xbox Games Showcase Extended?

Xbox Extended Showcase is expected to run for 90 minutes (based on last year's event) as it will reveal even more new games, in-depth interviews, behind-the-scenes features, deeper gameplay footage and more.

How to Watch Xbox Games Extended Showcase

Here’s a list of places you can watch IGN’s Summer of Gaming event:

What to Expect from Xbox Extended Showcase

Xbox loves to deliver an A+ showcase, so we are hoping to see a ton of announcements still from the extended event. We'll likely see a Hi-Fi Rush DLC of some sort, following the game's announcement in January's Xbox Developer Direct showcase. We also expect more on Exoprimal and will likely see more Flight Simulator 2024 as well. According to Xbox's team:

Here's what was announced in 2022's Extended Showcase to give you an idea on what types of announcements to expect. Last year's event brought us extended looks at several games, including Starfield, Redfall, and Fallout 76, while Playground Games dove into its upcoming Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC. We also saw new smaller titles' gameplay including Ara: History Untold and Pentiment. A surprise announcement came in the form of confirmation that Valheim is coming to Xbox following it being released on PC Game Pass.

Announcements from Summer of Gaming So Far

  • Xbox Games Showcase 2023
  • Playstation Showcase 2023
  • Summer Game Fest 2023
  • Ubisoft Forward 2023

What are you hoping to see from Xbox still?

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